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What’s the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 100pc. The minimum order quantity is not restricted to one single model, customers can select from more models. There is not a maximum order quantity. Please note the price may vary according to the order quantity.

Please contact us through our email: for further requests or negotiation.

Which countries do you ship to?

The company provides shipping all over the world, primarily in Europe.  For countries outside EU, please contact us through our email:

How long will it take to receive the order?

The production process of the order usually takes 3-5 days. The delivery time varies according to the countries and shipping company. For any urgent order please contact us through our email: .

Which payment method are accepted?

For online orders only transfers are accepted, bank details will be provided by our team.
Customers are invited to come to Prato to visit our showroom and production factory, where other payment methods are accepted.

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